About Us


Our website is designed as a hub for all sports fans who enjoy the fun of competing with family and friends in predicting match outcomes. Gymalie’s core function is to enhanceyour spectator experience, applying our enthusiasmand mania for all things sport. We are unceasingly passionateabout sports, and have developed the wold’s first-ever animated leaderboard sports prediction site, for your enjoyment, for you to enjoy at no cost.



Gymalie is proud to introduce the first Prediction Game with a real-time, animated leaderboard. Our leaderboard constantly runs minute-by-minute updates of your favourite sports teams’ live scores. The game is free to enter. Simply register on the site and you’re in! It’s loads of fun for everyone and games always come with a cash or voucher prize for the winner(s).


History of the Company

Gymalie began with the idea of creating a free, fun and wholly comprehensive online sports hub. Sports nuts ourselves, the site allows for family fun without the ubiquitous gambling implications. Here, you play for free! There’s no cost involved, only loads of fun and excitement, especially when matches are drawing to a close and tensions run high. Here, money flows one way – to our prediction winners! It’s that simple.

Cooperate with us!

Gymalie aims at providing only the best sporting experience for all sports fans, and if you’d like to reach our community with legitimate, relevant sports services send us a mail via the contact page.

What we really do?

Through the sheer fun of the Prediction Game, this site is a hubthat enables you to share your passion and competitive spirit with those you value, each time a sporting match looms. We’re already rolling on Rugby and will eventually include all sports like soccer, cricket, golf and loads more. The primary aim at Gymalie is to provide a free sports-passion portal for all South Africans to have some fun while soaking up their favourite sporting fixture of the day.

Our vision

In creating Gymalie, we brought a passion for sport together with a heartfelt desire to enable every sporting fan’s enjoyment of any and all pending match fixtures. Gaming at its best, Gymalie costs nothing to enjoy the fun, has an open and transparent leaderboard that is constantly updated in real time, and is simply geared to add even more excitement to your spectator experience. Join our sporting family and enjoy your best sporting moments ever!