Sell on Gymalie

Gymalie provides an online channel for South African sports companies to sell their goods.

Fill Out The Necessary Forms and Click Submit. Gymalie will then review and contact you.

How it works

  • List Your Products:
    After Gymalie has reviewed and approved your Application Form, you can start listing products.
  • Start Selling:
    After listing your products, customers can now view and purchase your products on Gymalie.
  • Shipping, returns, and exchange of your Products:
    You are in charge of shipping, returns, and exchanges. You will be notified when a customer has placed an order or wants to Return or exchange a product. The shipping of the product and customer details will all be in the mail you receive when a customer has purchased an order from your store on Gymalie.
  • Get Paid:
    You will have your own front-end dashboard where you will see the commission owed to you after every purchase made by Gymalie for your store. You can request a payout anytime or we can agree on a fixed date.


  • Growing Your Brand
    Gymalie knows the benefits of growing a brand, so you will have your very own Store Front with all your products listed underneath. Your company Logo, description, and details will show at the top and underneath your products. It’s like having another Website!
  • Social Media
    Gymalie will use its social media platforms to make customers aware of your products. Gymalie will select random products to place on all social media pages.
  • Prediction game
    The prediction game is built for the masses and we hope to attract all sports enthusiast to play the game and so to give more exposure to the companies we sell for and their products.
  • Front End Dashboard
    Add products easily.


% of Vat inclusive | Excluding shipping

Product Categories
7% All Electronics
10% Sporting Goods; Fashion Apparel; Health Products.